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Desktop Storage Basket Fruit Vegetable Basket Bread Basket Hand Woven Bamboo


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Product Description

Product Description:
Name: Fruit basket storage basket
Material: Wood
Size: L: 31.5*26.5*13cm, Medium: 27*22*11.5cm, Small: 24*18*11cm, individual OPP bag packing.
1. The color of natural wood chips varies, and the weight varies between individuals.
2. Handmade, there are traces of handmade, please allow a little error.
Product Introduction:
1. The fruit basket is made of wood chips, which is more upright, simple and exquisite, with natural grain, and can be used repeatedly.
2. Simple appearance, with handles, easy to take, can be used as fruit baskets, bread baskets, storage baskets, flower baskets, etc., widely used.
3. Hand-woven wood chip basket, environmentally friendly materials, and the use is assured.
4. Can be used as home decoration, photo props, wedding decoration, and decorative practicality.
5. The use of storage baskets can store keys, snacks, cosmetics, etc., multi-scene use, home small debris, can save storage space, so that the home is more tidy.


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