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Kitchen Utensil Set

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This is a silicone handle with wooden handle

It is made of high quality silicone material

Suitable for non-stick kitchen utensils

Colander, powder spoon, soup spoon, secret spoon, shovel, spatula, shovel, scraper


Size: colander: 31.5*7*5cm, powder spoon: 31.5*6.2*5cm, soup spoon: 31*8*5cm, dense spoon: 31.5*7*5cm, leaking shovel: 32.5*8*5cm, tight shovel: 32.5 *8*5, scraper: 32*6*5cm, spatula: 32*7*5

Material: Silicone + Elm

Weight: colander: 70g, powder spoon: 77g, soup spoon: 95g, dense spoon: 75g, shovel: 72g, tight shovel: 76g, scraper: 97g, spatula: 78g


100% high quality silicone material

Medium size and exquisite shape

Simple and practical

Wooden handle, comfortable texture

Perforated design for easy storage

Package Included:

1* kitchenware


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