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Large Lava Lamp Beautiful Liquid Motion Lamp with Wax That Flows Like Lava Night Light water


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The Lava Lamp is a very easy to attract attention, through the heating of the bottom bulb, the wax fluid of the glass is slowly melted after heat, and then the wax liquid becomes different shapes, floating up and down, very Beautiful.This light can be decorated your living room, the room, you can also place it on your office, adjust your mood. 

Lava Lamp Tips: a. The most suitable temperature for the lava lamp: 22-25 degrees Celsius, it needs to be heated for 1-3 hours to work properly. Make sure that the lava lamp is used at room temperature (the room temperature is too low, the wax will not melt and the lamp will not work) a. If the bulb does not light up, you can replace the bulb of the same type (120V R39 E17 25W) b. The surface temperature of the lava lamp is slightly higher when it is working, do not touch with hands.

Lava Lamp: Lava Lamp is deeply loved by its unique display. It can create a very comfortable environment in the room and the office. After melting the wax, it will produce different beautiful shapes. Under the illumination of the light, you will be fascinated by its fascinating scene, and the mood will be quiet and relax.

Beautiful decoration: lava lamps are widely used in hotels, rooms, offices and bedrooms. When you see that the whole room is filled with beautiful light, there is also a kind of wax liquid that is changing various shapes and floating slowly to show a beautiful scene, which will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Best gifts and professional services: If you receive product damage or other quality problems, we will provide you with satisfactory solutions. Lava lamp is the best decoration in the living room, office and bedroom. On Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, birthday parties, Mother's Day, Father's Day, the best gifts for mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and friends.

Easy to install: Dreamy Lava Lamp mainly includes silver lamp holders, bulbs, glass bottles, light cover, wax and transparent Liquid.

Installation steps: 

1. Screw the bulb into the bulb holder; 

2. Gently put the glass bottle into the lamp holder. 

3. Plug in the power supply and turn on the switch. Due to the difference in temperature,about 10-30mins for the liquid to start flowing after turn on.


Material: ‎Aluminum, tempered glass

Color: Green/Blue/Red/Orange Wax

Bulb Specifications: 120V R39 E17 25W

Switch type: touch

Power: 25W

Optimum operating temperature: When using the lamp, the best temperature in the room is 22-25℃.If the indoor temperature is too low, it will be difficult to transfer heat to wax after lighting, and the wax mandation time will be longer.


Since there is a bit narrow at the lamp seat, there will be a little difficult when you install the bulb, please pat, slowly turn the bulb, you can install the bulb.

After receiving the product, don't use your hand to vigorously shake the glass bottle, prevent liquid from producing bubbles, affecting the effect.


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