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PVC Halloween Clubbing Lighted Kitsune Fox LED Mask DIY Costume


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Product Description

Suitable for occasions: costume party, party party, birthday party, Halloween, carnival and other holiday celebrations, Cosplay performances, bar performances, night shows, personalized decoration, etc.

Product name:EL Glowing fox mask


Material: EVA Cold light


Product features:

①The material is tough and soft
②Save electricity, don’t burn your face if you feel cold
③Phosphor ink luminescent material

Sponge head pad:
Use a sponge head pad, which is more ergonomic and more comfortable to wear (If you feel that the sponge is not thick enough, you can stack several layers of paper towels and stick them on the sponge with tape)

The product is made of PVC material, which is safer and more assured to use Easy to wear, the mask is designed with elastic band, and the size can be adjusted according to the needs of the head shape. Easy to wear

Standard models:
Always bright + slow flash + flash + off

Package included:
1Pc Fox Mask



This product needs to be used with AA battery (the battery is not included in the package), please know before buying!


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